Leviticus: Unit XV (Ch. 21)

[21] 1The Lord said to Moses: Speak to the priests, the sons of Aaron, and say to them: None shall defile himself for any [dead] person among his kin, 2except for the relatives that are closest to him: his mother, his father, his son, his daughter, and his brother; 3also for a virgin sister, close to him because she has not married, for her he may defile himself. 4But he shall not defile himself (Lit. as a husband among his kin ; meaning uncertain.)as a kinsman by marriage, (Lit. as a husband among his kin ; meaning uncertain.) and so profane himself. 5They shall not shave smooth any part of their heads, or cut the side-growth of their beards, or make gashes in their flesh. 6They shall be holy to their God and not profane the name of their God; for they offer the Lords offerings by fire, the food of their God, and so must be holy.

7They shall not marry a woman defiled by harlotry, nor shall they marry one divorced from her husband. For they are holy to their God 8and you must treat them as holy, since they offer the food of your God; they shall be holy to you, for I the Lord who sanctify you am holy.

9When the daughter of a priest defiles herself through harlotry, it is her father whom she defiles; she shall be put to the fire.

10The priest who is exalted above his fellows, on whose head the anointing oil has been poured and who has been ordained to wear the vestments, shall not bare his head (See note at 10.6.) or rend his vestments. 11He shall not go in where there is any dead body; he shall not defile himself even for his father or mother. 12He shall not go outside the sanctuary and profane the sanctuary of his God, for upon him is the distinction of the anointing oil of his God, Mine the Lords.

13He may marry only a woman who is a virgin. 14A widow, or a divorced woman, or one who is degraded by harlotry such he may not marry. Only a virgin of his own kin may he take to wife 15that he may not profane his offspring among his kin, for I the Lord have sanctified him.

16The Lord spoke further to Moses: 17Speak to Aaron and say: No man of your offspring throughout the ages who has a defect shall be qualified to offer the food of his God. 18No one at all who has a defect shall be qualified: no man who is blind, or lame, or (Or mutilated or has a limb too long.)has a limb too short or too long; (Or mutilated or has a limb too long.) 19no man who has a broken leg or a broken arm; 20or who is a hunchback, or a dwarf, or who has a growth in his eye, or who has a boil-scar, or scurvy, or crushed testes. 21No man among the offspring of Aaron the priest who has a defect shall be qualified to offer the Lords offering by fire; having a defect, he shall not be qualified to offer the food of his God. 22He may eat of the food of his God, of the most holy as well as of the holy; 23but he shall not enter behind the curtain or come near the altar, for he has a defect. He shall not profane these places sacred to Me, for I the Lord have sanctified them. 24Thus Moses spoke to Aaron and his sons and to all the Israelites.